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My definition of a successful business: Happy customers, Happy employees and a healthy bottom line.

"If I can make those three things occur and make a decent living doing it, then I feel successful. Two out of three doesn't count, either.

Many of the dot.coms used to brag about how happy their employees were. They had tennnis courts, group trips to Bermuda, stock options, etc. But at whose expense? The bottom line wasn't even considered. When they ran out of money, they failed. A local DC company, Hechinger's, thrived for decades until they started underpaying their employees, who in turn stopped helping customers, who in turn shopped elsewhere. After 80 years Hechinger's is out of business.

I am very proud to be at the helm of a small company that has no debt and a business plan that has functioned successfully for more than 15 years. I strive every day to make sure that my customers and employees are happy. I keep an eye on overhead and I plan ahead so that it stays that way. I have a great and fun job! I want all of my customers to feel that I am their advocate when it comes to getting cars repaired.

I want them to know that I see it as my responsibility and obligation to keep my employees trained, to establish worldwide connections to procure parts at reasonable prices, and to never take financial risks that could cause me to raise prices and thereby force my customers to pay for my mistakes. I will never be Donald Trump, but I will always be happy.

I am sure most of you reading this are already customers and I want to thank you for all of the referrals over the years. I have tried to return the favor by putting the money saved from advertising into lower prices for you. If you ever have any questions, I am available. Please feel free to call."

Thanks again.

Mitch Carr

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